This piece jumped out at me because words of "you're too sensitive" turn out to be behind anxiety for many individuals. My newest book, Five Levels of Gifted Children Grown Up, is a longitudinal case study, twenty years, of the gifted children from the first Levels of Gifted book. Such accusations cut off the confidence and excitement for the victims talents and life while also, in many cases, eventually leading to inner growth and development. The first step is to recognize that there is no such thing as being too sensitive! The book will be available in early May, 2023. It's more than 400 pages, so I hope it will start many people on their paths to healing and becoming their true selves.

Thank you for this well-done, lovely article, Sahar.

~ Deborah

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Deborah Ruf, PhD

High Intelligence Specialist & Writer, Dr. Ruf writes about highly intelligent people from birth to very old age.